Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Moment on the Lips.... Forever on the Hips

My lovely friend Sunshinechild and I are having a friendly fasting comp
currently in Day Two
I think I might start a variation of the lemon detox next week
I can't afford to be eating... I know that sounds unhealthy but
I feel so lost...  
and just awful about how fat I have gotten
I know this is my year but right now I feel so gross


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let us start from the Beginning...

Hey! I'm C! 

This is my haven. A place for me to vent and hopefully meet some more lovely girls who would like to talk, and maybe help each other along the way! ;) 
I have had this blog for about 2/3 years now... but I feel like that I needed a clean slate. So here I am! Some of you already know who I am but still.... here goes!

I am 21 years old, I am 178 cm and I currently weigh and it pains me to say 175 lbs. I am about 40 lbs over my lowest and about 45 lbs over my UGW 

My Thinspo's are Cara Delevingne, Barbara Palvin, Megan Fox, Abbey Lee Kershaw... and other skinny pretty models that I am too tired to think of their names ;) thin and beautiful

I don't exercise much but I am going to try and change that 

Today I have eaten a too much.
I don't want to talk about it

I am not proud

This will be my year.

And I know it's late but here are my resolutions

1. 8-10 glasses of water a day!
2. Get down to 130 lbs
3. Exercise 5-6 days a week

Happy New Year Lovelies